Their home is posted on the web and strangers ask, where’s the insurance?

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BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–An East Side family is living on edge after finding their home advertised on the Internet for a business that doesn’t exist.

Paul Young and wife Inell Purdue-Young are trying to figure out how their home and address got posted on the Internet, and how to get it taken down, as strangers come knocking at their front door asking about a business they know nothing about.

Somehow their address has been linked to a website that refers customers to low cost car insurance carriers, Cheap Car Insurance LLC and a Google search reveals a picture of the Young’s home apparently provided by Cheap Car Insurance LLC.

Young said the Internet exposure has led to a stream of strangers to their home, “Ring the doorbell and we answer the door. They are like, ‘is this a residence?’ Because there is an online advertisement for cheap car insurance.”

But the phone number attached to the Internet ad has a Florida area code, so Paul and Inell inquired to find out what was going on and received a packet of promotional material in the mail from Google to boost their ad, rather than remove it.

Paul recalled, “They said if you have a problem you are going to have to go on the website and we are going to re-direct you to go on another website in order to get it taken down,” and the Youngs sent Google an email to that effect weeks ago but the ad is still posted.

A Google search of the keywords “cheap car insurance Buffalo” led to at least three other locations in the area that have little to do with insurance–another private residence near the Youngs, a street address at the Erie County Medical Center, and a charter school downtown.

Purdue-Young said the family is stepping up their home security, “Off the Internet and my house to become safe again, so my kids won’t feel unsafe leaving out going to school, looking left to right, if somebody is going to stop and say something to them.”

The company that set up the Youngs’ home on the Internet seems to be everywhere. A Google search for cheap car insurance in Rochester and Cleveland also brought up private residences there with phone numbers containing Florida area codes.

The Better Business Bureau is checking out the Youngs’ complaint regarding Cheap Car Insurance LLC, which is based near Salt Lake City, Utah.

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