(WIVB) — We’re learning new details about what it would take for the Canadian government to agree to reopen the border.

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair told the CBC 75 percent of Canadians would need to be fully vaccinated.
Right now, it’s at just 20 percent.

Blair noted with the arriving Moderna vaccines from the U.S. they are rapidly reaching their goal.

Congressman and Canada-United States Interparliamentary Group Co-Chair Brian Higgins whose been championing the reopening of the border released the following statement:

“First the public was told vaccinations were the key to reponing the border. Yet the vaccinated continue to be shut out. Then it was said, 75% partially vaccinated and 20% fully vaccinated was the threshold Canada needed to meet to loosen restrictions. That goal has been reached and still the border restrictions were extended for another month.

“It is difficult to have a successful game plan when the goalposts continue to be moved. The lack of transparency, clear communication and a failure to layout expectations on the U.S. – Canada border reopening plan has been maddening for the public who simply want to know what’s it going to take to get this border open.”