Cancer diagnosis for 4 year old whose family was fleeing Hurricane Dorian


A Florida family battled more than just high winds and rain when Hurricane Dorian came close to their home a few weeks ago.

While on the run from Hurricane Dorian, a family that recently relocated from Buffalo to the Florida coast, found out that their youngest child has a rare form of cancer.

The family had just moved to the coastal city of Port Saint Lucie. It was a few weeks before Hurricane Dorian began lurking in the skies. 

Like many other families in their city, they decided to wait the storm out inland.  They were at a hotel in Athens Georgia, when Andre got sick. They went to a hospital there, but his symptoms persisted. They eventually went to a  hospital in Atlanta.

Doctors there told them,  the problem was his appendix, and it needed to be removed. While removing Andre’s appendix, doctors discovered a tumor on his kidney.

“It’s tough as a father,” said Rich Sanders Andre’s dad. “I’m a protector. I’m the one that solves the problems for him. It’s my baby boy and it’s just something that you’re not prepared for.”

He was diagnosed with a rare form of kidney cancer. The kidney with the tumor has since been removed.

“I was overwhelmed with tears for the first few days, my husband too after hearing the diagnosis and getting through the surgery,” said Alexandra Sanders, Andre’s mother.

GoFundMe for Andre:

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