Canisius College education program graduates honored with special lawn signs


Commencement Ceremonies for Canisius College have been postponed for later this year, but school officials made sure the seniors knew they were thinking about them, with a special delivery. 

Canisius College delivered yard signs to students like Nora Salemi in Buffalo Wednesday.

Salemi is one of nearly 50 students in the education department who received yard signs commemorating the completion of their degrees. Graduation and commencement was supposed to happen this week, but it’s been pushed to October because of the pandemic.

“It’s very challenging and sad for us not to have closure,” said said Nancy Wallace Interim Dean, School of Education & Human Services. “We have relationships with our students, we care deeply about them, we’re really proud of their accomplishments.”

Salemi majored in special education and childhood education. Right before the NY pause order hit, she was in the middle of working on her student teaching requirement. 

“We were obviously all really worried that we wouldn’t have the opportunity to finish that student teaching, that New York State would allow for all the hours to be completed, so definitely we were all very worried,” said Salemi.

Salemi had to work to complete her coursework online. Her student teaching had to be completed online as well, via distance learning. Could distance learning be the new normal, for this new breed of teachers?

“I hope not, we all wanted to become teachers in a traditional classroom setting, and we all went a little bit of a different path, but we all want to be in the classroom with the kids one on one,” she said.

Now that Nora has graduated, Nora says she’s not taking any downtime. She’s heading straight to grad school!

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