ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Earlier this month New York State held its first early voting period. A new survey report had more on what people thought about the experience.

Nearly 1,800 early voters took part in a survey from the League of Women Voters. Overall more than 90 percent of them said they would take part in early voting again.

“I think people loved having the opportunity to vote on their own time. They were very excited to vote on the weekends. We saw big spikes on the weekends the first and last weekend of early voting and I think people were just excited to use new equipment and to not have to wait in long lines,” said Jennifer Wilson, LWVNYS Deputy Director.

The survey found that statewide, for the vast majority of early voters, the wait to vote was less than five minutes. However, when it came to what people thought about polling locations it varied.

Wilson continued by saying “I think by and large people just kept saying they wanted more sites. They felt like they needed more sites throughout their county, especially large rural counties.”

It was a topic that was also brought up during a legislative hearing on early voting last week. As for other concerns:

“There were some issues with equipment there were a number of counties where equipment failed throughout the day. By and large, it was fixed pretty quickly. But people were also concerned about signing in on a tablet and then we did have some areas of the state where people were actually asked for ID,” said Wilson.

Voters surveyed came from 54 counties across the state. Sixty percent of those surveyed said they participated in early voting simply to try out the new procedure.