BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Next year’s Gubernatorial Election could be a rematch of the candidates from 2010.

Buffalo School Board member Carl Paladino says he’s strongly considering running against Governor Andrew Cuomo again next year.

“I’ve been considering it for the last couple years, but as we get closer to it, i think there’s an opportunity here,” said Paladino. “I don’t see candidates that have the fire in the belly that it’s gonna take to beat this liberal progressive movement that we have going on in the state right now.”

Paladino says he has that fire. He says the state can’t get any worse.

“We’re over taxed, we’re over burdened, we’re over regulated and we’ve got too many phonies out there leading the charge,” said Paladino.

Paladino wants to bring more jobs back to New York State and he also wants to lift the Medicaid burden the state is forced to pick-up.

If Paladino officially decides to run, this would be his second run for governor. In 2010 he lost to Governor Cuomo by almost 30 points.

This past year Paladino was under fire for controversial comments about the Obama’s in a local magazine.

He says those comments won’t hurt his chances.

“No, no I have every right to say what’s on my mind and I just thought that Obama and his wife were not good Americans,” said Paladino.

“I think his comments have been despicable and unacceptable. All he has been is a spectacle on the school board,” said Jeremy Zellner, Erie County Democratic Chair.

Paladino believes he already has a lot of support in upstate New York, but Zellner disagrees.

“I think Carl would be a terrible candidate for governor as he was eight years ago. You have to work with people, you have to deliver for the community and you have to represent us and make us proud. I don’t think Carl can do any of that,” said Zellner.

Zellner told News 4 he believes Governor Cuomo is in a strong position for reelection. He says he pays more attention to the community than any governor in the state’s history.