Catchy tune boosts test scores at Forestville Central High School and Middle School


FORESTVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — “The words it just sticks in my mind. Every single day I wake up and I’m like I’m great and I can do whatever I want to do,” said Sylvea Cleary, Forestville Central High School sophomore.

The catchy tune with the words nothing less than my best really has brought out the best in Forestville Central high school and middle school students. It all started when the school Principal asked a member of the school board to help motivate the students at the beginning of the 2016 school year.

“I actually got the students saying nothing less than my best as a mantra and they started saying that over and over again nothing less than my best,” said Sylvester Cleary, Forestville school board.

Before long “nothing less than my best” became a school mantra. It was put on t-shirts and even the cover of the yearbook.

“As a result of that I was inspired to write a song about that because it seemed to motivate the kids and I thought why not try to expand on that,” said Sylvester Cleary.

“It appeals to us it’s like a newer style song and just the words are really important,” said Joshua Ellis, Forestville Central high school senior.

School officials says as a result of boosting morale among students scores were raised across the board as well as a graduation rate of 93.9 percent, the second highest in Chautauqua county.

“This past January we just had phenomenal results with our ELA common core we had 21 students taking it, we had 20 students scoring at mastery,” said Dan Grande, Forestville Central high school and middle school Principal.

“The song itself what it states is that there is greatness in every child,” said Sylvester Cleary.

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