Spanish Fort, AL (WKRG) – UPDATE 11 AM:

The homeowners say they’ve received a refund from Amazon on their package and filed a police report with Spanish Fort this morning.  


A package goes from delivered to stolen in what may be record time.  A homeowner in Spanish Fort posted this video on her Facebook page Saturday night.  The video shows what appears to be an Amazon flex driver delivering packages in a personal vehicle.  She puts two packages on the front doorstep, takes a picture for delivery verification, then takes the larger of the two packages back into her vehicle and drives away.  Homeowner Beverley Cameron says she’s more annoyed than upset.

“I knew from past experiences that Amazon would make it right so I wasn’t worried about that. It is a Christmas gift so we have time to order another one. I’m sure I would have been much more upset if it was something I needed quickly. It is disturbing that Amazon is using “companies” like this more and more instead of reliable and trustworthy delivery companies,” said Cameron via Facebook Messenger.  Despite losing a package she says it probably won’t impact her shopping plans.  


“I hate the crazy crowds and rely on Amazon way too much. It may push me to finish earlier so this doesn’t happen closer to Christmas with no chance to reorder in time,” said Cameron.  She says when they got an email picture verifying the delivery and then saw a package missing she checked their porch camera late Saturday night.  She says they plan on filing a police report today.  

Cameron says she believes the incident happened at about 11:30 Saturday morning.  We’ve also reached out to Amazon PR and are awaiting a response.