Chautauqua county executive says BLM protests are creating a critical dialogue with the community


CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY N.Y. (WIVB) – In Chautauqua county people have been protesting racial injustice and police brutality, calling for change. County officials say they’re listening.

Like most of the country, Chautauqua county residents are taking a stand against racism and are showing their support for the black community. White some cities had their protests turn violent, County Executive P.J. Wendel says he’s proud of the community for remaining peaceful. He says the Black Lives Matter movement is creating a dialogue between police and residents.

“There’s a very diverse population in the county so getting the right people together, getting those leaders to sit down at the table is something we’re all going to do as we move forward,” he said.”

Wendel went on to say that despite the frustration and anger some of the protesters have, they are looking forward to sitting down and having an open dialogue.

“It’s been said peace begets peace and if people want to sit down and discuss.,” Wendel said. “You know those are hard questions and it’s uncomfortable times as people have said. but the ability to sit down and have understanding dialogue is crucial.”

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