Cheektowaga murder suspect made way toward Mexican border


CHEEKTOWAGA, NY (WIVB) As the manhunt continues for a man wanted in connection with his wife’s murder, Cheektowaga Police seem confident that the fugitive made his way to the Mexican border.

“He’s a desperate man. He’s on the run at this point, he’s likely to try and do anything,” said Lt. Kenneth Rusin regarding Yuriy Bruks, 34, who has been on the run since August 4, wanted for the murder of his wife Tetiana.

“Through various resources and working with different agencies, we’re pretty certain he was in El Paso, Texas and even possibly into Mexico at that point,” said Lt. Rusin.

In the early morning hours of August 4, Rusin says Bruks called police to his home on Raymond Avenue saying that his wife had slipped and fallen and she was unresponsive.

Later that morning, Bruks was at Cheektowaga Police headquarters, but when he stopped answering questions and asked for an attorney, police didn’t have enough evidence at that point to hold him.

“We held onto him for a little while,” said Lt. Rusin. “We did attempt to talk to him and it was unsuccessful. In the meantime, our investigators were out, interviewed a number of neighbors, people that knew them and of course our Crime scene investigators were inside the house picking up all the forensics.”

Cheektowaga Police still won’t say how Tetiana Bruks was murdered because they don’t want to tip off potential witnesses or taint a future jury, but they are urging anyone with information of where he is or how he’s funding his escape to call them or Crimestoppers at (716) 867-6161.

“He is a desperate person at this point,” said Lt. Rusin. “I mean, you have to figure he murdered his wife and he abandoned his child and abandoned the child quickly. It was within hours that he decided to get out and make his escape and didn’t care what happened to the child.”

The three year old boy remains in foster care.

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