Cheektowaga-Sloan schools to reopen with body temperature scanners


SLOAN, NY (WIVB) On the morning of September 8th, parents in the Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School District will text the school to confirm if their child is free of Covid symptoms. Then, as the child walks into school, a body temperature scanning machine will attempt to pick out anyone with a high temperature as they go by.

Half of the students will come on Monday Tuesday and the other half on Thursday Friday. Some will eat lunch in the Gymnasium auditorium to free up space in the cafeteria and whether it’s lunch or in the classroom, plastic barriers will be at each table or desk, according to superintendent Andrea Galenski. “This is an extra measure and I think it just keeps people felling safer.”

Galenski says parents will be asked to report their child’s health every morning by a special text system. “Just to take their children’s temperature at home and to let us know that all is well, that there’s no temperature, no Covid symptoms being exhibited at home and as I’ve been talking to our parents, their partnership is ever so important to us.”

As students arrive every morning at the Cheektowaga Sloan schools, each school will be equipped with a High Volume Body Temperature Scanner which can detect a fever within seconds. “We wanted to ensure that everybody walking through our doors including staff are free of a temperature and so these scanning cameras can really scan about 20 individuals at a time. Of course we will be socially distancing, we won’t have crowds of people all coming in at one time, and then it will let us know with a little marking that someone looks like they’re experiencing a temperature and so we will have the nurse reassess them.”

It’s all part of the strange new way of life back in class for the 15 hundred students in the Cheektowaga-Sloan Union Free School district starting Tuesday, September 8th. “You know, it’s gonna be challenging. I think it’ll be a new endeavor for ll of us. Personally, I just miss the children. We all miss the children , but my number one priority is the health and safety of everyone.”

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