Chicago White Sox employee’s ceremonial opening pitch goes wrong


It’s rare for a “first pitch” to make the news unless it’s really good — or really bad. But as you’ll see, this was historically bad.

For being the White Sox employee of the month, Mary Ruich, a server at the team’s stadium club, had a once in a lifetime chance Tuesday night and she made the most — or worst — of it.

Ruich was supposed to be throwing toward home plate, but what appeared to be her slider was just a bit outside and sailed directly at photographer Darren Georgia’s camera.

Wednesday afternoon, Mary and the uninjured photographer were together with their scuffed baseball and newfound fame.

“It hasn’t really hit me yet, get it?” Ruich joked.

She remembered the moment saying, “Oh my god … maybe nobody saw. I think I’ll just run away..”

Presidents and other notables have tossed first pitches usually on baseball’s opening day for more than a century. And over the years the honor has become an almost daily treat at the ballpark.

The rapper 50 Cent stood out for futility. Serena Williams’ did not exactly have command of her stuff, and even retired Hall of Famer Nolan Ryan was wild. So, Mary Ruich is in good company.

When asked if she was ready to try it again: “Oh God, no,” she responded.

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