City leaders plan to fight zombie properties by shaming owners


Buffalo city leaders are stepping up their shame campaign against absentee landlords who don’t take care of their property.

“Operation Slumlord” is part of the city’s fight against zombie properties.

The city plans to post large, metal signs at the rundown properties. The owner’s name and address would be displayed for people to see.

Many investors buy properties without seeing them, then suffer a case of buyer’s remorse.

Buffalo Common Council President Darius Pridgen says “I want to be clear. We are not targeting a ‘seasoned citizen,’ a long time Buffalo resident, who may be trying to improve their property. We are definitely targeting those who have empty properties, or properties that may be occupied, but are not being responded to adequately by a landlord, and that is both commercial and residential.”

“Operation Slumlord” is one of two tools state lawmakers created for the city’s fight against those zombie homes.

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