City of Rochester tries to disperse thousands of crows in downtown


The city was taking extra steps Tuesday to disperse crows in downtown Rochester.

Wildlife experts planned to use pyrotechnics, spotlights, lasers and amplified electronic recordings of crow distress calls to move an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 in the area.

The city began working around 5 p.m. Tuesday in Washington Square Park to deal with the crows.

The city adds, “City and Wildlife Services representatives recognize the management project techniques may be disruptive and respectfully request public cooperation as crews work throughout the city. Residents are asked to assist the effort by calling 311.”

The effort is something the city does every year. The goal, we’re told, is to minimize the damage and mess associated with the high concentrations of the crows — if they didn’t do this.

“You’re going to see more damage to the park, to the trees, to the surrounding buildings and property,” said Justin Gansowski, wildlife biologist. “It does pose a human health and safety issue with the amount of fecal material and droppings on the area.”

The work will continue through the night and over the next few days at the park and other locations including Mount Hope Cemetery and Genesee Valley Park. So, if you here odd noises, don’t be alarmed.

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