Rep. Chris Collins (R-27) has reversed course and said that he will actively run for re-election this November. 

Collins, who has been indicted on insider trading charges and for lying to the FBI, suspended his re-election campaign Aug. 11 following the indictment. 

On Sept. 7, he told News 4 that he would cooperate to remove his name from the ballot. 

On Tuesday, Collins said that his name would remain on the ballot. 

Collins will face off against Democratic candidate Nate McMurray in the November vote. 

McMurray released a statement Wednesday afternoon following the announcement, saying: 

““It looks like the criminal is returning to the scene of the crime – and I’m not just talking about insider trading, lying to the FBI and everything else he’s been accused of – I mean the derelict of duty he did by ignoring his constituents and their interests for every second of his elected life.

I’m curious to know what Mr. Collins means by ‘actively campaign’ because he hasn’t talked to his constituents, hasn’t held town halls, and has been hiding in his penthouse since the FBI arrested him. Now he thinks that the voters of this district who are getting hurt by a trade war, are struggling to make ends meet, and know that Washington is more corrupt than ever, he thinks they’re going to trust him? Give me a break. He looks out for himself. And maybe his donors.

Democratic Nominee Nate McMurray responded to Collins’ about-face that will put him back on the campaign trail this fall.

McMurray told News 4, “I can’t believe that this man is so shameless and that he changes his position by the day. We always knew we were fighting against Chris Collins. We’re not going to change, our message has been the same all along. We’re fighting against corruption, we’re fighting against selfishness and we’re fighting for working families of this region.”