Colvin Cleaners’ Gowns postponed, for now, and instead staff and volunteers are making masks for the public


Colvin Cleaners’ Gowns for Prom program is on hold right now, because of the coronavirus, but in the meantime, the business has turned its attention to face masks. 

“We were up to our eyeballs with prom dresses up until a few weeks ago, and then all of the sudden the plug got pulled on that program, so now our efforts are going in a different direction,” said Paul Billoni president of Colvin Cleaners. “And, it excites us, we really like to do something good and it comes back tenfold.”

The masks are reusable and washable. They have one person in-house making masks, also, many of the tailors and seamstresses who were laid off due to COVID-19, are now making masks at home. They’ve made several thousand masks so far. 

“We have turned into a full-blown mask-making operation, what started as a project to give our staff and our tailors some work to do and to help our customers base has really exploded to now helping all of Western New York, whether it’s group homes or it’s our customer base, new customers, it seems like everybody needs a little help finding these masks, so we’re giving them away two-person for free,” said Christopher Billoni vice president.

They’re also helping organizations make their own masks by giving them pre-cut fabric and elastic along with its instructional video.

“Unfortunately, we can’t keep up with the demand for already made masks, we have a team of probably three or four dozen volunteers, so we’re trying to send out kits to make masks to these large groups, so they can get their masks quicker,” said Amanda Kwaczala a.dministrative assistant.

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