BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–A downtown Buffalo business is renting out a new, touch-free system for measuring your temperature.

It may soon be used in schools, businesses, or nursing homes.

Copier Fax Business Technologies is renting out these touch free thermal recognition cameras.

“Once it sees you, it can scan your temperature extremely quickly and see if you do have a mask on or not,” Copier Fax EVP David Scibetta said.

Dozens of local schools are already showing interest in them, in fact North Tonawanda School District has already rented 19 of them to help with screening students at school.

“So, you make sure you see if it’s red or its green, and they can quickly move through. Think about a TSA line. People can quickly move through airports by getting temperatures taken using one of these,” Scibetta said. “It’s not the new norm, but when flu season comes, it’s gonna come back, we think taking people’s temperatures is gonna be the way to stop the spread.”

He says it’s $99 a month for a 36-month subscription, and the best way to get the system is going to the Copier Fax website or giving them a call at 716-853-5000.

The system also comes with an optional touchless check-in, in case a business wants employees to acknowledge the answer to certain questions before they come into work.

“And what’s very important about that is people are using pen and paper right now for this because they don’t have any other solutions and the issue with that is we’re touching and it’s not digitized, so if we do have an outbreak or someone reports that they’re COVID positive, how do you go and contact trace. This does all the contact tracing for you. You can notify everyone who was in the building at that time that they may have to go and get tested,” Scibetta added.