Could this wind turbine be the answer to climate change?


Williamsville-based Kean Wind Turbines looking to revolutionize wind power.

WILLIAMSVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB)–Williamsville inventor and physicist, Kean Stimm believes he has developed a viable alternative to the massive wind turbines along the Lake Erie shoreline, and many other wind farms around the country.

Stimm has invented what he calls the Newtonian Wind Turbine, inspired by 17th Century scientist Sir Isaac Newton’s Principles of Linear Motion. The Kean turbine is a much smaller, more efficient wind turbine.

A large circular fan with 8 blades is the heart of the Kean turbine, rather than the three blades, hundreds of feet long, on most of the wind turbines in use, including the 14 turbines at the old Bethlehem Steel site called Steel Winds.

“We are using 100 percent of the air mass,” said Stimm, “and we are converting over 50 percent of that energy into useful power.”

Stimm compares his invention to the massive 450-foot wind turbines at Steel Winds, most of which are not working.

“We found that 96 percent of the energy that is in the wind, available to the three-blade windmills, it passes right between the blades and is not used.”

The fan that powers the electrical generator in the unit is so efficient it can be driven by a household floor fan.

Stimm said he has offered to replace all 14 of the turbines at the Steel Winds site for a fraction of the estimated cost, and his turbines will generate much more electricity, last longer, and have less impact on the environment.

The Williamsville inventor believes his turbine could enable Western New Yorkers to replace natural gas with electricity, “not only provide all the heat for homes and residences but for commercial buildings and factories.”

Stimm even speculates his turbine could cut carbon emissions throughout the industrialized world exponentially if it is eventually mass-produced.

“This will reduce the amount of fossil fuel that we are using, dramatically, and possibly even reverse global warming.”

Kean Stimm said a prototype has already passed a test in Calspan’s wind tunnel. Now it is a matter of Kean Wind Turbines, Inc. raising the capital to build a full-size model later this year, for another Calspan test.

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