Couples to fight back after being told Hotel Henry won’t refund wedding deposits


BUFFALO N.Y. (WIVB) – Couples who were told by Hotel Henry management that they won’t be getting a refund are fighting back and seeking legal action.

“It’s ridiculous that it has to come to this but hopefully maybe there will be enough pressure for them to do the right thing to say here you go, here’s what you deserve,” said Gabrielle DiBella, who was planning a reception at Hotel Henry.

Gabrielle and her husband Kyle Little had a small ceremony in October at the venue and were planning a larger one later this year.

“We kinda saw the mini reception as like a test run for the wedding and we were looking forward to having the larger reception,” she said. “Then we got the email from Hotel Henry that all hell was breaking loose.”

Shortly after she was told during a phone call with hotel management she would not be getting her money back. She’s now filing a claim with the Attorney General’s Office to get their money back.

“It was kinda breath-taking how flippant they were and just like hey we’re not paying you back be cool with it,” Gabrielle said.

Bride-to-be Lindsay Adams is also filing a claim.

“We had put down multiple payments all of which we’re being told we’re not getting back,” she said.

Engaged couple Lee Brenon and Amanda Richter have also been added to this list.

“This whole thing has really scarred us and really let us down,” Lee said. “We’re not feeling good about the whole process we just feel really burned and disappointed.”

Lee and Amanda were told over the weekend, during a phone call with hotel management, that they won’t be getting the close to $4,000 they put down for their wedding day. They’ve also filed a claim and hope more couples do the same.

“At this point, I need everybody involved to stick together,” Lee said. “It’s not going to happen overnight but I’d like to see some form of resolution.”

One resolution looks like it’ll come from local developer Douglas Jemal who’s expressed interest in buying the hotel and paying couples back.

“I mean if he has the means and wants to do something like this that’s amazing and by all means we would be very excited to have something like that happen,” Lindsay said. “Do I think it’s his responsibility? No, but it does seem like a wonderful kind gesture and I think something like that would be really appreciated.”

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