COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York drop to new low


(WIVB) – COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York are down to a new low again- the lowest they’ve been since March 17.

Coronavirus hospitalizations have dropped to 536 in the state, and intubations have dropped to 62.

There were 545 new COVID-19 cases in New York on Sunday, bringing the statewide total to 416,843. Of Sunday’s COVID-19 tests, 1.05 percent were positive.

There were three COVID-19 deaths in New York yesterday.

“The progress is even better than we expected,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in a press release Monday. “Remember when we started reopening, all the experts said, expect the infection rate to increase when the activity rate increases. That’s what you’ve seen all across the country, that’s what you’ve seen in other countries, and that’s what we expected here. We then were talking about calibrating the increase and making sure it didn’t go that high, but it was supposed to go up. After two and a half months of reopening, the numbers have actually gone down; which nobody suggested. That is really to compliment New Yorkers.”

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