On Tuesday there were 22 positive cases of Covid-19 among students at SUNY Fredonia and now, just days later, that number is up to 43.

Six of the students are in isolation on-campus and 36 of the students are in isolation off-campus, 1 student has recovered. 

Officials say they’re making sure students get tested quickly. 

“Our students have access to multiple tests, we have the ability to administer the swab test on campus, the can participate in that manner. We also have identified sites that they can go to and get testing within our community and earlier this week the governor worked with our county to have a rapid test,” said Cedric Howard, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Services.

Now, that the numbers have spiked, the college president says they’re doing even more testing.

“We’re going to continue to work very hard. This is very serious, this is a national issue. If you look across the country many universities are struggling with this,” said Stephen Kolison President of SUNY Fredonia.

Kolison says an area of concern at Fredonia are off-campus parties. Recently, there was an off-campus party where afterward 15 students were suspended.

“Initially we suspended 13 students, we found out that there were 3 more, two and so that number is going to go up to 15, simply because they organized a party off-campus and they invited students to participate in the party,” Kolison said. “We thought that was very risky to the community.”

He says at least one person who went to that party tested positive. There’s no word on the Covid status of the other students who attended the party. 

In addition to SUNY Fredonia numbers have spiked at the University at Buffalo there’s now at 46.

UB didn’t provide much information about where the off-campus students contracted the virus, but they did mention in a statement that off-campus parties are a concern. 

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