HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) — Another one of western New York’s viral sensations is departing from the public view, but it will go down in the annals as one of the funniest.

A crew of four people with a host of equipment freed a car, trapped in a frozen tomb of water next to Lake Erie, to bring it to a body shop for repair. The owner of the car left it in the parking lot the night before, not expecting it to freeze — or become a viral sensation viewed around the world.

From the scary statue of Lucille Ball to the partially frozen Niagara Falls, western New York tends to be a hidden gem in the viral news world — but the ice car may take the cake for the 2015-2016 winter.

National news crews documented the car’s frozen state, while the owner had no choice but to call in a crew of people to remove the massive paperweight.

The crew utilized a touch of ingenuity, employing a de-icer many cold-weather contractors are familiar with, spraying the wheels of the Mitsubishi sedan to allow it to roll onto a tow bed.

“Twenty years of doing this, I’ve never seen an adventure of that magnitude,” Lenny Lwanenko, of Lake Erie Towing, said. “I was excited to get the call.”

Lwanenko’s crew put to work 350 pounds of calcium chloride for roughly 20 minutes to free the car just enough to get it to a nearby body shop where it will undergo any necessary repairs.

Although the car is gone, the ice frame that brought the car fame is still standing, and may continue to stick around as long as the weather stays chilly.

Undoubtedly, the car’s imprint in the ice will remain a tourist attraction for days — and possibly weeks — to come.