BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A Buffalo man received the maximum sentence of 25 years in prison for killing a teenager in Buffalo in 1978, bringing a formerly cold case to a close, the Erie County District Attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

John M. Sauberan, 63, was found guilty by a jury in October of one count of second-degree murder for causing the death of 19-year-old Linda Tschari.

On the morning of Feb. 8, 1978, Sauberan entered Tschari’s home, located in the rear of a property on the 100 block of Pooley Place. Once inside, Sauberan killed the victim by stabbing her multiple times.

The victim’s brother, who lived in the front of the house, discovered his sister’s body in the living room later that day.

Sauberan’s profile was uploaded to a national database following a felony conviction in Oregon, which resulted in his DNA being linked to the crime. During the investigation, prosecutors found no evidence that Sauberan knew Tschari.

“The family of Linda Tschari has waited nearly 45 years for justice. I hope that this defendant being convicted and sentenced to a significant term of imprisonment provides her family with legal closure as they continue to mourn her untimely death and heal from this horrific crime. Solving this cold case homicide was truly a team effort that involved hard work and expertise. I want to thank the members of the Buffalo Police Department, both past and present, who never gave up on this case as well as the forensic biologists who found key evidence that led to this conviction,” said Erie County DA John J. Flynn.

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