BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The owner of Wildroot Floral feels violated after a burglar zeroed in on her shop early Saturday morning. She’s just one of many business owners on Niagara Street saying enough is enough.

“I said to my husband, you know, Mint just got broken into,” said Kayla Gaczewski, the owner of Wildroot Floral. “If feel like I’m next on the chopping block and then woke up to this text.”

Gaczewski got that text from the neighboring owner of Twin Petrels Seltzer Co. saying her flower shop had been broken into.

“About 4 a.m. someone had smashed our door with a rock from the landscaping on Niagara Street and then had taken our register as well as our safe,” Gaczewski added.

Gaczewski is just the latest victim of burglaries targeting small businesses on Niagara Street.

Mint Mojito Bar was hit twice in the last two weeks. The thieves made off with bottles of liquor.

Burglars have also targeted Local Honey Beauty Hive and Roost restaurant. Gaczewski said the incident lasted six minutes and was caught on security cameras.

“So there was a little bit of back and forth,” added Gaczewski. “You can see them crawl out of our broken door with the safe. They kind of head to the Niagara Street side and then they run back in with the safe to kind of toss it off the Twin Petral patio next door to us. Once it was tossed off there on Mason Street behind our building that’s where they collected the cash and the safe was just left there.”

The thief stole a week’s worth of cash from the flower shop. The whole ordeal has rattled store employees’ peace of mind.

Katrina Piechowicz owns the seltzer bar directly next door to Wildroot. She’s the one who broke the burglary news to Gaczewski. She said the business community on Niagara Street is close-knit.

“I hope it wouldn’t deter anyone from opening a business on Niagara Street,” Piechowicz said. “Because the area is amazing, the community around here is amazing.”

Jennifer Bohlen is the owner of Local Honey Beauty Hive across from Wildroot.

She’s no stranger to burglaries, her shop has been hit several times.

“We all feel very safe coming and going from here. It’s just like two, three in the morning when these things are happening,” said Bohlen. “We actually don’t have a cash register anymore, because we’ve had that stolen twice.”

“They just got right for where the cash drawer would be, rip everything out, look for cash and that’s it and then they leave.”

All these business owners want people to feel safe coming to Niagara Street.

But, they say these break-ins need to stop.

News 4 reached out to Buffalo Police for more information and is waiting to hear back.

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