BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — After a video caught on camera by a driver frightened by a road rage battle went viral, police in New York went searching for the drivers.

Police announced Monday the arrest of one of the drivers entangled in the road rage event, which shows a pickup truck and a car facing off, swerving between several lanes. The video cuts off after the truck driver forces the car driver off the road, pulls over then begins hurling stones at the car.

News 4 obtained a copy of the video Friday. The person who took it said he noted the license plates as the cars passed him later on and planned on giving them to police.CAUGHT ON CAMERA | See the original story here

Only a few days later, New York State Police said they arrested James J. Woelfle, 46, the driver of the pickup truck. They say they began investigating the incident after hearing of the conflict in the northbound lanes on the I-190 in Buffalo.

Woelfle was charged with first degree reckless endangerment, a class D felony and will be arraigned in the City of Buffalo on Tuesday.

Police say they’re continuing the investigation and are asking for additional tips from anybody who may have witnessed the event. Anybody with additional information is asked to contact Troopers at (716) 935-6570.