EDEN, N.Y. (WIVB) — Eden Town Supervisor Melissa Hartman said Friday that someone threw a “partial pipe bomb” into her home earlier this week.

Hartman, a Democrat running for Erie County Clerk, said an unknown person threw the device into her Hillbrook Drive home Monday around 3 a.m. while her family was sleeping. She said the device had several threats written on it, including a message that said unless she dropped out of the Clerk’s race, “the next pipe bomb would be live.”

“It is clear that the perpetrator hopes this attack will intimidate me and my candidacy for Erie County Clerk. Rest assured, I will not be bullied or intimidated,” said Hartman. “I will not allow these actions prevent me from seeking a county-wide elected position. If anything, this incident signals to me that I must continue marching forward, reaffirming my commitment to public service.”

Hartman added that she won’t dismiss the “intentions or severity” of the incident.

“In no way, shape, or form will I allow this individual to continue to frighten my children or family from living our lives, enjoying our home, or moving forward as a family.”

The Eden resident thanked the Eden Police, Erie County Sheriff’s Office and District Attorney’s office for working on this case.

“I do have a message for the predator responsible for the pipe bomb that entered my family’s home: I will not back down or give in to fear,” Hartman said. “I am not a woman you will be able to intimidate. It is my right to run for elected office without being threatened, and you will face the consequences for trying to take that right away. I will work diligently with our law enforcement professionals to ensure that you are apprehended and brought to justice.”

The Erie County Sheriff’s office said Friday they’re assisting the Eden Police Department with the investigation.

“The Erie County Sheriff’s Office is assisting the Eden Police Department with investigating an incident directed at the town’s supervisor. As evident with recent events, the Sheriff’s Office provides mutual aid to all local law enforcement and first responder agencies, and we must make sure the public is safe.”

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