BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A former Buffalo City Honors teacher was sentenced Thursday to 14 years in prison on two child pornography charges.

Peter Hingston, 63, of Amherst pleaded guilty in 2021 to two counts of possession child pornography.

“I think obviously there’s no amount of sentencing that can justify any of his behaviors or give justice to any of the victims,” said Adeline Daley, a City Honors student. “But I think overall it was nice to get some closure for a lot of people.”

In June 2019, Buffalo Police were called to investigate allegations of Hingston, who worked as a middle school technology teacher, taking inappropriate photographs of female students using a GoPro camera. Police seized the camera and found pornographic videos of minors while they were under Hingston’s custody, care and supervisory control.

An external hard drive, possessed by Hingston, was also searched and contained additional videos of child pornography, produced by Hingston, involving different minor victims also under his custody, care and supervisory control.

Right before he was sentenced, Hingston spoke out he’s aware of the pain he’s caused students and their parents based on his actions. That he “knew it was wrong.”

According to court documents, he also attempted to “involve five minor female students, under his custody and control, in sexually explicit conduct.”

“Trust has been obviously been broken,” Daley said. “I think it’ll take a long time to recover.”

“It’s definitely a closure thing,” added Sophia Pirigyi, a City Honors student. “A lot of people are going to feel more comfortable knowing he’s been sentenced.”

“One of the particular trauma’s in this case, that is so impactful to this community is that, a lot of kids are scratching their heads wondering was I also a victim and he just didn’t get caught for it or it hasn’t come out yet?” Said Lynn King, whose daughter had Hingston as a teacher at City Honors High School. “That’s always going to be a black cloud, unfortunately.”

Judge to Chief U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford called Hingston’s behavior “egregious” also saying it was “horrible and a breach of trust.”

Hingston was also sentenced to 15 years post-release supervision.

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