ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC/WIVB) — A U.S. Coast Guard helicopter crew rescued a boater on its way home from the Rochester Airshow over the weekend.

According to a post from US Coast Guard Air Station Detroit, officials in Buffalo alerted the helicopter crew of a capsized catamaran in the waters near Evangola State Park. One of the boaters stayed with the catamaran, the other drifted away into Lake Erie.

The helicopter did not have a rescue swimmer on board, and it was at minimum fuel, but the crew was able to lower a basket to the stranded boater and lift them to safety. They also dropped a marker buoy at the catamaran to make it easier for rescue crews to find it.

The helicopter crew brought the rescued boater to Dunkirk. The other boater was picked up by a tow boat.

Later in the day, around 4:15 p.m., a helicopter was called in again to help rescue a boat and its occupants on the Niagara River between Navy Island and the falls, the Erie County Sheriff’s office says.

According to authorities, a NYS Parks police vessel found the stranded boat and towed it to shore.