For the first time in Wyoming County’s history, a man has been sentenced to state prison after violating his probation by failing to pay child support.

On Thursday, Shannon McDonald admitted that he violated probation after being convicted of first-degree non-support of a child in October.

After failing to abide by his probation requirements, McDonald was sentened to one to three years in New York State Prison.

Officials say the Department of Social Services has been trying to get McDonald to pay child support for years. He currently owes more than $214,000.

Previously, McDonald had been held in contempt of court 26 times for violating child support orders. He was also incarcerated through family court eight times.

“My office almost never gets involved in the failure to pay child support,” District Attorney Donald O’Geen said. “There is a system set up, through the family court, to hold people accountable for the willful failure to pay. That system did everything it could to make sure that the defendant paid his child support but, despite holding him in contempt and incarcerating him numerous times, it could not do so.”