Officials: Sheridan Town Supervisor digs large hole, tries to bury his business


TOWN OF SHERIDAN, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) says a man tried to bury his business.

According to the DEC, an automotive garage on Route 20 in Sheridan had been in poor condition for several years before its owner, Sheridan Town Supervisor Louis Delmonte, decided to tear it down.

The DEC says Delmonte borrowed a friend’s excavator and dug a large hole. Following this, officials say he attempted to demolish and bury the building.

Nearly half of the building was placed in the hole before an environmental conservation officer received a complaint.

The officer then spoke with Delmonte. According to the DEC, he was illegally disposing of the building.

An asbestos abatement was not completed, the DEC says, and that is required for all commercial demolitions.

Delmonte says he was not trying to hide anything. According to him, he received a permit to demolish and bury the building on site from a code enforcement officer.

In addition to this, Delmonte claims the DEC watched him do the work for several days, and that when he was almost finished, he was cited.

Delmonte will appear in the Town of Sheridan Court at a later date.

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