WETHERSFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Wyoming County Sheriff’s office arrested a man after finding a suspicious vehicle in the Town of Wethersfield.

On Monday, deputies found the suspicious vehicle on Youngers Rd. near Wethersfield Rd. after receiving a report.

The vehicle had no doors, no windshield, no license plates and an axe stuck in the roof.

Deputies tested the driver, Java resident Jared Price, 21, to see if he was intoxicated. They say he “performed poorly” when tested.

When taken back to the Sheriff’s office, a Drug Recognition Expert said Price was impaired by multiple drugs.

Subsequently, he was accused of the following crimes:

  • DWAI-drugs
  • DWAI by the Combined Influence of Drugs
  • No License Plates
  • Unregistered Motor Vehicle
  • Operating Without Insurance
  • No Front Windshield
  • No Safety Glass

After being arraigned in Town of Gainesville Court, Price’s bail was set at $10,000.

He will be back in court on Aug. 1.