“Crown Vic” movie shoot in Buffalo


The City of Buffalo is yet again being turned into a movie set. 

The upcoming film “Crown Vic” is being shot in the Queen City. 

According to IMDB, the story follows a night in the life of an LAPD officer who is hunting two cop killers on the run.

It stars Thomas Jane and Bridge Moynihan. 

The film, which is set in Los Angeles, is being produced by Alec Baldwin, who has ties to Upstate New York. 

Producers said they’ve received tax credits to shoot in Buffalo. 

They said money is not the only reason for their cameras rolling in Western New York. 

“If you look at the wide streets here in buffalo they are very similar to how LA looks.,” says one of the film’s producers, Greg Bello. “Some of the architecture here is similar to how Los Angeles looks. Obviously economic reasons, that’s really is a driving force.”

Producers said they are using the New York film tax credit. 

They said they are also using an extra credit for shooting in Buffalo.

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