Cuomo: NY Reps. Stefanik, Meeks ‘complicit’ in Capitol riot if they don’t call for Trump’s resignation


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo said two of New York’s Congressional representatives are complicit in Wednesday’s riot at the U.S. Capitol if they do not call for Pres. Donald Trump’s resignation.

The Governor’s remarks came during his daily press briefing on Friday. He was answering a question posed by Jeff Cole of WWNY.

“Going back to the beginning of your comments, here, today, in addition to your message to New York’s federal representatives, Sen. [Kirsten] Gillibrand puts blame on Pres. Trump and also told us in an interview yesterday that Congresswoman Elise Stefanik is complicit in what Pres. Trump has done to this country,” Cole began. “Do you agree, sir, that the Congresswoman is complicit in what has happened in our nation’s capital?”

In response, Cuomo said he spoke with Rep. Stefanik and Rep. Gregory Meeks earlier on Friday and asked them if they were complicit. He said it was a yes or no question.

“‘If you don’t support who he is and what he did and what happened, ask him to resign,'” Cuomo said he told the reps. “‘And if you don’t ask him to resign, then you’re complicit. It’s that simple.'”

Cuomo said the lawmakers tried to mince words and ask what he meant by “complicit.” He responded:

“Do you believe the President should resign? I do. I believe he should resign. If he doesn’t resign, I believe he should be impeached. I believe impeachment will be bad for the country, so I believe he should resign.

‘Congresswoman Stefanik, do you believe he should resign? Yes or no? Congressman Meeks, do you believe he should resign? Yes or no?’

That’s how I posed the question. If they say, ‘I don’t think he should resign,’ yeah, then you’re complicit, you’re part of it, you condoned it, you’re with the mob.”

On Wednesday, January 6, a mob of thousands of pro-Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol while a joint session of Congress was taking place to ratify the Electoral College count to name Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Lawmakers were rushed out of their chambers and taken to hide in the Capitol while rioters broke into the building, injured Capitol Police Officers, and vandalized lawmakers’ offices. The joint session was delayed by several hours while Capitol Police, DC Metropolitan Police and the National Guard worked to clear the Capitol as well as the perimeter of the building.

Dozens of lawmakers blame the President for inciting the riot as his supporters descended on the capital to rally against his false claims that he actually won the election.

Several federal lawmakers had planned to object to the Electoral College vote prior to the joint session, including Rep. Stefanik. After the riot, many of the objectors walked back their plans and supported Biden’s victory. Stefanik, however, maintained her objection.

She spoke on the House floor in the first hour of the reconvening in front of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. According to Congresswoman Stefanik, her objection was outlined in the following statements.

In Pennsylvania, the State Supreme Court and Secretary of State unilaterally and unconstitutionally rewrote election law eliminating signature matching requirements.

In Georgia, there was unconstitutional overreach when the Secretary of State unilaterally and unconstitutionally gutted signature matching for absentee ballots and ,in essence, eliminated voter verification required by state election law.

In Wisconsin, officials issued illegal rules to circumvent a state law – passed by the legislature as the Constitution requires – that required absentee voters to provide photo identification before obtaining a ballot.

And in Michigan, signed affidavits document numerous unconstitutional irregularities — officials physically blocking the legal right of poll watchers to observe vote counts, the illegal counting of late ballots, and hand stamping ballots with the previous day’s date.

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