BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Following Chris Collins’ resignation, Gov. Andrew Cuomo alluded Tuesday to calling a special election in New York’s 27th Congressional District rather than waiting until 2020.

“2020 is a long time away, and Western New York deserves a seat. We have a lot going on in Western New York, a lot of good things going on,” Cuomo said Tuesday morning on WAMC.

Cuomo speaks to WAMC’s Alan Chartrock

“Western New York deserves representation so I would be inclined to fill the vacancy sooner than later,” Cuomo also said. He said he’d need to review exactly what the requirements are.

Cuomo was sent a resignation letter by Collins, as was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The letter was read on the House floor Tuesday morning, making the resignation official.

Hours later, Collins pleaded guilty to two charges in his insider trading case. Each of the charges carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

Cuomo said that a representative to fight for federal assistance is needed, mentioning the Buffalo Skyway project as a reason to get a new person in quickly, Republican or Democrat.