(WIVB) — An attorney for former Governor Andrew Cuomo is speaking out against the report that forced him to resign.

The state attorney general’s report said that Cuomo sexually harassed several women. Thursday, Cuomo’s attorney Rita Glavin, called the probe “shoddy.” She said Letitia James’ office recently handed over some evidence from the investigation.

Glavin said that evidence proves the report was flawed and needs to be corrected.

“She is the chief legal officer of this state, and there was evidence that should have been confronted in that report that was favorable to the governor, that undermined the allegations and it was ignored and witnesses weren’t confronted with it. It’s not right. It’s not fair,” Glavin said.

The state attorney general’s office said New Yorkers are tired of excuses.

It said “Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women. There is a mountain of evidence to support these findings.”

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