Cuomo accuser attorney says governor could learn from the way Congressman Reed handled allegations

Cuomo Under Fire

(WIVB) — The governor says he’s waiting for the attorney general’s investigation into the sexual misconduct and harassment allegations.

In the meantime, another politician who’s been accused of misconduct is apologizing and the attorney for one of Cuomo’s accusers says that’s a more appropriate reaction.

Congressman Tom Reed apologized in a statement to the lobbyist who accused him of sexual misconduct during a 2017 incident.

Debra Katz is the attorney for Charlotte Bennett.

Katz says Cuomo could learn something from the way Congressman Reed handled the situation.

“He responded with honesty, for one, he accepted responsibility for the behavior and for the consequences, that result when a public official engages in this kind of assaultive and this kind of sexually harassing behavior. He explained the context, he was humble, he took responsibility,” Katz said.

Congressman Reed said he won’t run for re-election to the house next year, and will not run for any other elected office in 2022, including the race for New York governor.

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