Cuomo’s team takes aim at AG report, AG’s Office fires back

Cuomo Under Fire

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Only a few days remain before Governor Cuomo is out of office and Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul is sworn in to take over.

Moving trucks were seen at the Executive Mansion this morning; a sign that the Cuomo Administration’s days are nearing an end. And, while the Governor is moving on from the job, his team continues to fight accusations against him. 

In an op-ed for the New York Daily News out today, Senior Advisor Rich Azzopardi blasted the Attorney General’s report on sexual harassment claims, and says the Governor’s been “railroaded.” 

The Governor’s lawyer Rita Glavin also had this to say this afternoon, “We will be submitting to the Attorney General within the next week a letter requesting that she correct and that she supplement her August 3rd 2021 Attorney General report relating to the Governor and sexual harassment allegations.”

Glavin wants the Attorney General to “include material omissions” and she says that she hasn’t been given access to all the evidence against him. 

In a response the Attorney General’s Office called Glavin’s remarks a ‘baseless attack’ and said, “The 168-page report and additional 486 pages of exhibits clearly corroborate the experiences of the complainants, yet the governor and his aides continue to undermine those who seek to expose this dangerous conduct.”

As the Assembly Judiciary Committee works to produce a report of its own on the findings of its probe, Glavin said that she intended to make a submission to the committee but had planned to send a letter to the Attorney General’s Office first. 

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