Danforth St. resident catches retaliation on video


BUFFALO, NY (WIVB) A man on Danforth Street says he captured surveillance video of a young man throwing a brick at his front door to retaliate against him for trying to protect his neighborhood.

“We’re trying to handle the problem and we’re trying to get help from City Hall,” said Brian Lauer, who said it began in September when he became tired of cars speeding down his street, Danforth Street, about five blocks away from Buffalo State College .

“We stopped the one and asked them, please slow down we have children. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. Well, he came back a half hour later and kind of threatened us by saying, ‘you don’t know who we are, you don’t know where we live. I’m from New York City. We have guns,”. said Lauer, quoting the young man he spoke with.

About a week after that, on October 5, Lauer said he caught them retaliating on surveillance video at his house. “In a group, walking by, and then a couple of them start running. They know something’s gonna happen and then the one’s pointing at my house and the gentleman launches a brick through my window.”

Lauer said he is convinced that they are Buffalo State College students who live in the Monarch 716 student housing across the street. On October 8th, in that student housing parking lot, a female student was approached by a man with a gun. He left after she wouldn’t get out of her car, according to an email alert sent by the college to the students.

When News 4 went to Danforth Street, we spoke with another resident who had her windshield smashed a few weeks ago, and two residents who had objects shoved in their vehicle tailpipes last Wednesday night.

Brian tried to speak with the the owners of Monarch 716. “They told me to sit in their lobby and I sat there for 45 minutes and nobody ever came out.”

By email, News 4 was able to reach, Samuel Mtunga, of XFD Real estate Partners in Illinois, a spokesman for Monarch Student Living, who gave this statement:

“This is the first that we are hearing about this incident. Neither the resident of Danforth Street you referenced nor the authorities have approached us about this. At this point, we have no idea who the culprit is or if they are indeed a resident of Monarch 716, therefore any information you can provide that will allow us to determine that, will be helpful. 
What I can confirm for you is that our lease is clear in stating that if residents are found to have engaged in any sort of criminal activity, on or off our premises, that is considered grounds for immediate termination of the lease. Therefore, if the individual(s) in question are found to be actual residents of Monarch 716, we will deal with the matter accordingly.”

Lauer, who has lived on that street for 25 years, is frustrated. “The college students ten years ago are nothing like the college students we got now. They’re nothing but gangsters and thugs.”

To be clear, it has not been proven whether the vandals are or are not College students, but Timothy Gordon, vice president for student affairs at Buffalo State College provided this statement;

“At Buffalo State, we stress to every incoming student what it means to live and learn in a civil and caring academic community. At the beginning of each student’s academic career, we ask every student to pledge and commit during Academic Convocation to uphold high standards of civility, discipline, and respect. It is expected that those qualities will be upheld by our students throughout their time at Buffalo State—inside and outside the classroom. In situations where it can be proven that a student has engaged in inappropriate or criminal activity—on or off campus—students will be swiftly referred to the student judicial system where penalties can result in various sanctions, including suspension or expulsion. We also encourage any neighbor who has concerns about inappropriate behavior by students to contact our Dean of Students at (716) 878-4618 or deanofstudents@buffalostate.edu.Buffalo State College’s Vice President for student Affairs gave us a statement which says in part, “In situations where it can be proven a student has engaged in criminal activity, students could face suspension or expulsion.”

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