ORCHARD PARK, NY (WIVB) It’s been four months since the team announced that occupants of buses and limousines can no longer set up tailgating parties of their own in the bus and limo lot.

Instead, bus and limo groups can opt to pay $15 a person to be part of a new, more controlled, tailgating experience along the side the lot. they could also simply pay the $100 permit to park a bus or limo and not tailgate.

Since the change was announced in May, fewer buses and limos have registered to come to the lot, but they only have until September 16th to do so. The cut-off is 6 days before the opening home game.

“We’ve gotten very good feedback from fans that are opting into the program,” said Andy Major, vice president of operations for the Bills. “They’ve come to games in the past, they’ve seen what was going on in the past. They’re happy about the changes. they feel like it’ll be a positive difference maker from a fan behavior standpoint , and then there’s others hat don’t want to participate, they maybe don’t ant to give it a chance.”

The Bills also required advance permits to the bus and limo lot last year, but Major says it wasn’t as strictly enforced as it will be this year. “So, if they show up on a bus or limo and think that they can pay cash and just park in our lot, that’s not the case anymore. So they will not be given access into the lot on game day.”

Fans can book permits for the limo and bus lot by visiting Tailgateguys.com or the Bills website.

Traditional tailgating will be allowed in all other Bills lots, it’s only the Bus and limo lot where some of the crazier antics were witnessed, and these new rules for that lot have already been conveyed to most bus and limo companies.

“They’ll have a great experience in the bus and limo lot,” said Major. “It’ll be fun, it’ll be safe,and hopefully we won’t see the knuckleheads we’ve seen in years past.”