Deadline for removing Collins name from ballot draws closer


A decision on whether or not Chris Collins will be on the ballot is expected in the next few days. Now that the Primaries are over, the Erie County Republican Committee says it’s moving forward.

Just a day after the Primary Election, members of the GOP had an election of their own Friday.

“Myself and the other officers of the party have been reelected so now I can transact business going forward,” said Nick Langworthy, Erie County Republican Committee Chair.

GOP chairman Nick Langworthy says they Erie County Republican Committee decided to move quickly on electing its officers.
“We typically have up to 20 days after the primary to hold these meetings. We elected to do it the day after in order to keep moving,” said Langworthy.

He says the term of a county chair ends on Primary Election Day during an even year. He says now since that’s been handled, the GOP can move forward on the 27the congressional district seat and finding a way to replace Chris Collins on the November ballot.
The only way to remove a candidates name is if they pass away, move to another state or is nominated for another office.

“This was important for us moving forward so we can do the business of New York 27 that I’ve been re-elected and have the power of the organization behind me,” said Langworthy.

Both Langworthy and Collins have told News 4’s Dave Greber that they’re confident they’ll be able to get Collins off the ballot.
Democratic candiate Nathan McMurray told News 4 that removing Collins’ name from would be an undemocratic bait and switch.
Now it all comes down to the GOP’s decision in the coming days.

The deadline to decide if Collins will be on the ballot is Wednesday. Langworthy says the GOP chairs will meet in Albany Tuesday to move forward on the process of replacing Collins’ on the November ballot.

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