Changes are coming to one of Buffalo’s biggest employers. Just three years after moving into its new building at the corner of Chippewa and Delaware, Delaware North is trying to grow.

The hospitality company employs more than 2,000 people in Western New York. The new business strategy will mean changes for some of them.

“Fifteen years ago we hit the $1 billion milestone. Five years ago we hit the $2 billion milestone. This year, we should come in at about $3.4 billion in sales,” said Delaware North Co-CEO Louis Jacobs. “We feel like we’re in a healthy trajectory to get to our five year plan in 2022, a $5 billion dollar company.”

But that means changes for some workers at the company. More that two dozen jobs have already been dissolved.

“It means a change in the way we do things,” Jacobs said.

“We’re trying to better enable how we take advantage of technology and move routine tasks to automation where we can,” said Chris Feeney, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Delaware North.

Feeney says of the 27 people who have had their jobs eliminated, four have retired. Thirteen have been offered other jobs. Ten more are undergoing training, with the hope they’ll be able to apply for other jobs.

Despite these cuts, Jacobs says the company plans to grow its employment base in Buffalo.

“Our long term obligation to the employees is to have a successful enterprise that continues to grow,” he said. “If we can hit our $5 billion goal, which I think is attainable, our job base in Buffalo will continue to grow,”