A Depew Middle School teacher gets a big surprise from famous rapper Method Man, after he spends the school year getting kids to read with Wu-Tang Clan incentives. 

English teacher Joe Cena is a huge Wu-Tang Clan fan, he’s such a big fan he decided to integrate his love of their music into his teachings. When the students finished a book, they got to create a Wu-Tang name with an online name generator. Then that name went on the wall — the Wu-wall. 

The class also changed the way they raised their hands in class. Instead of the traditional hand raising, they put up a “W”.

“Hopefully it’s something that continues into high school,” Cena said. “I would love to see them be juniors in an English class raising their hands that way. I’m sure it’ll get some fun looks from their teachers.”

His student Aleigha Sharpe wanted to show appreciation for her teacher, so she reached out to Method Man and asked him to make a video.

“I kind of did a happy dance in my bedroom,” she said. “Because that was a really cool experience. Even him reaching back out was something.”