A young boy has a long road to recovery after he was severely injured in a lawnmower accident last week.

Gavin Burns,10, is gearing up for a major surgery Friday at Oishei Children’s Hospital. He already underwent surgery to try to save his foot and his leg.

Doctors told News 4 this sort of injury isn’t rare, in fact, they say the summer is the busiest time for orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Jeremy Doak, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at Oishei Children’s Hospital says lawnmower accidents are usually severe. He says he see’s at least five kids a year with traumatic amputations.

“They’re life altering for sure, I mean we’re talking about baloney amputation, we’re talking about losing an extremity, whether it’s part of a foot, the whole foot or a couple of toes,” said Dr. Doak.

The injuries could take months, sometimes years to recover and the patient usually undergoes multiple surgeries. Doctors say the injuries are also dirty with a high infection rate.

If your child does get injured, doctors say to get to the emergency room as soon as possible so they can treat the injury right away.

It’s also recommended not to let your child ride on a riding lawnmower.

Medical experts are warning parents to always keep children inside while mowing the lawn.

“If you’re in the front yard cutting grass, there should be no kids there, just the best way to avoid a problem, kids gone, kids in the backyard, kids in the house, whatever. If you’re in the backyard, same thing, there should not be kids on the portion of grass you’re cutting,” said Dr. Doak.