Dogs found shot, beaten to death in Indiana woods


A horrifying story out of southern Indiana, officials now know most of the eleven dogs found dead by the side of a road last week were shot with an air rifle.

Two of the puppies were beaten to death. All of them were likely dumped from a car in Jennings County, Indiana.

Officers Jennifer Foster and Michelle Acton say they’ve never seen anything as disturbing as this.

“There was a puppy approximately three to four months of age hanging from this tree here. The other 10 were scattered throughout the wood line. They were snow covered. It had been snowing a little bit that day,” says Officer Jennifer Foster of the Jennings County Animal Control.

Dumped like the litter scattered around the embankment, a pitbull mix and beagle mix with their litters of puppies.

One litter around 3 months old. The other litter just a week or two.

“Both mamas were right around here and all the babies were scattered around there,” says Officer Acton.

All looked to be in healthy condition, with no signs of abuse or malnutrition. All the blood made it difficult to tell what killed the dogs.

“They were shot by an air rifle. The newborns, they were actually bashed. I mean, it was blunt force trauma for them.”

Acton and Foster say there was also boxer mix found dead down the road a little bit, but are unsure if it has anything to do with the others.

There are a lot of unknowns right now. But the biggest question for the officers: why?

“Anything could have happened. We’re hoping that it was an overwhelming thing for them and not just an act of cruelty for someone you know to do that to eleven animals,” says Officer Foster.

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