Downtown Buffalo quiet and slow because of Covid-19 closures


The vibe of downtown buffalo is much different than it was a few weeks ago, before the local onset of the coronavirus.

It’s quiet, but there’s still bursts of energy like this hot dog stand, that got a few customers on Friday.

“Ah…well it’s a ghost town, nobody’s here. It’s kind of sad. I’m not really doing a lot of business. It’s good to get out of the house I guess,” said Sean Bittner Buffalo’s Best Dogs.

There were even a few folks out and about running errands, like Debra Terry, she takes the bus to get around.

“I’m just picking up my prescriptions and I’m going back home, that’s it. It’s scary and I just got off the bus, you hear people coughing. It’s like, why are they on the bus, you know,” said Terry

There was also a medical assistant who was running errands as well.

“It’s not crowded, people are not bumping into people, the corners are actually clean no cigarette smoke around,” said Jennifer Green. “If nobody realizes this is the new normal, something is wrong, something is truly wrong. Everybody, please stay safe. Keep your family safe, stay in, it will get better. It will change our lives forever and again this is the new normal.”

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