Driver charged after basketball team’s bus goes missing after game


RANDOLPH, N.Y. (WIVB) — The St. Bonaventure men’s basketball team had just beaten St. Louis late Wednesday, when Bonnie Athletic Director Tim Kenney got word from the Billikens staff that something was wrong. They had a flight to catch, but the bus that drove them to the Reilly Center was no where to be found.

“That’s never happened before,” Kenney said, holding back a chuckle. “The bus, as far as I know was sitting right outside the arena which it normally does.”

Kenney can laugh about it now. But last night, there were some tenuous moments, and it had little to do with what happened on the floor a few hours earlier.

“St. Louis had a lot of their stuff on the bus still. So wasn’t just the bus missing now, it was all their gear as well,” he said.
Then someone remembered it was 2017, and, you know, there’s an app for that.
“Well, can we track that with find your iPhone? So we took Coach Ford’s phone and we were able to pinpoint where the bus was and send that to the police, so they can go and try and determine what had happened.”
State police say what happened is the bus driver, 56-year-old Linda Edmister, of Gasport, was heavily intoxicated, and took off without the team. State police caught up to her 35 miles away near the town of Randolph.
“She was very intoxicated,” said Trooper James O’Callaghan. “When asked questions, she couldn’t put the sentence structures together correctly, so it was trying to figure out, why are you that far out. And what is really going on here? Basically what happened here is when you’re over five times the legal limit, this is what happens.”
Edmister’s blood alcohol content was .22, or more than five times the legal limit for commercial drivers.
The Billikens took the bizarre ordeal in stride, and lazy boys. The team and athletic staff took to Twitter late Wednesday, showing off their two-hour wait.
“This could’ve turned out a lot worse,” O’Callaghan said. “She was tentatively supposed to drive that team to the next destination, and if she could stay there even with that alcohol level, driving a bus that large with a team full of people, that could’ve been disastrous. It could’ve been deadly.
Edmister was issued an appearance ticket and is set to be back in the town of Randolph Court later this month. She was also fired from the tour bus company, Grand Tours, of Lockport.

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