Drivers be on the lookout! Speed cameras coming to a school zone near you in Buffalo


Buffalo City leaders said Friday, drivers could see speed cameras outside school zones as soon as next week.

The cameras will be placed outside of 20 school zones throughout the city.  The speed limit in Buffalo School zones is now 15 mph and officials say, if a driver is going 26 mph through a school zone, the camera will be activated.

The camera will take a photo of the license plate and that person will get a ticket.

Officials say, the cameras will help make buffalo’s school zones safe for children.

“Most importantly, it’s something that I think the community, very much wants, it’s something that school leadership wants, it’s something that the city wants, it’s all about school safety and the safety of children,” said Kevin Helfer, parking commissioner city of Buffalo.

Below is the full list:

1. St. Joseph’s, Main St. from Niagara Falls to Winspear

2. PS 76 (Herman Badillo); PS34 (Hutch Tech), S.Elmwood from Tracy to Johnson

3. PS 42 (Occupational Training Center); PS 54 (Dr.Blackmon), Main from Fairfield to Florence

4. PS 94 (West Hertel Academy) PS 79 (Pfc William J. Gabriarz), Military from Race to Chandler

5. PS 305 (McKinley HS), Elmwood from Nottingham to Amherst

6. Westminster Community Charter, Bailey from E. Amherst t Kensington

7. PS 3 (D’Youville Porter) PS 212 (Leonardo DaVinci) PS 190 (International), Porter from Niagara to Richmond

8. PS 302 (Emerson School of Hospitality), West Chippewa from Elmwood to Franklin

9. PS 61 (Arthur O. Eve), Leroy from Hill to Deerfield

10. Canisius HS, Delaware from Lancaster to Ferry

11. PS 336 (Middle Early College HS), Main from E. Hertel to Depew

12. PS 156 (Frederick Law Olmsted), Suffolk from Rt.33 to Langfield

13. Nichols School, Colvin from Linden to Amherst

14. PS 17 (Early Childhood Center), Main from Delevan to Northland

15. PS 99 (Stanley Makowski Childhood), Jefferson from North Hampton to Masten

16. PS 67 (Discovery School), Notre Dame Academy Abbott from Woodside to Dorrance

17. PS 19 (Native American Magnet), W. Delavan from Niagara to Herkimer

18. PS 206 (South Park HS), Southside from Abbott to South Park

19. PS 69 (Houghton Academy), Clinton from Roberts to Gorski

20. PS 208 (Riverside Academy), Ontario from Tonawanda to Niagara

21. PS 355 (Emerson Annex at 28), South Park from Hopkins to Sirret

22. PS 97(Harvey Austin), Sycamore from Miller to Walden

23. PS 301 (Burgard HS) Kensington from Fillmore to Norma

24. PS 192 (Buffalo Academy for the Visual and Performing Arts), E. Ferry from Main to Purdy

25. South Buffalo Charter, South Ogden from Casimir to Mineral Spring

26. PS 131 (Academy School at 4 and LTEP), South Park from Louisiana to Alabama

27. PS 66 (North Park Middle School), Parkside from Tacoma to North

28. PS 80 (Highgate Heights) Winspear from Suffolk to Eggert

29. PS 64 (Tapestry Charter School, Frederick Law Olmsted), Great Arrow from Lincoln Parkway to Delaware

30. PS 32 (Bennett Park Montessori) Clinton form Pine to Hickory

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