BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Several customers of the Buffalo CDL Training school say they have been taken for a ride, and are fighting to get their money back in Small Claims Court.

Two families have won judgments against Buffalo CDL’s operator in the last two weeks, accusing the operator, William Thygesen, of failing to provide the course they paid thousands of dollars for, then refusing to refund their money.

Tyler Tedesco of Elma signed up for a course with Buffalo CDL Training to get his license, but when he didn’t get the course, and the owner only returned a portion of his money, Tyler’s family sued in Buffalo Small Claims Court.

Outiside of court, last week, Tyler said missing out on that driving course temporarily derailed his plans to become a heavy equipment operator, “It has been kind of rough not being able to start my career, but at the same time, you have to go for it and get the money.”

Tyler and his family have just been notified the court has ruled in their favor–a full refund of the money Tyler paid for his course, plus court costs, for a total of $4,918.

Lynn Tedesco, Tyler’s mother, is pleased with the ruling but knows Thygesen has been taken to court many times, and wondered aloud if they will ever see the money they are still owed—Thygesen had already returned about $4,400, prior to the judgment.

“I am hoping we still get our money. With his excuses and hiding his expenses and business, will we get our money? I hope so.”

News 4 reached out to the owner of Buffalo CDL Training to ask what he plans to do, but our calls were not returned.

Businesses that offer driver training are licensed by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, and any customer of a school who feels he or she has been shortchanged, can file a complaint, in writing, with the DMV.

A DMV spokesman said consumer complaints could result in a variety of sanctions, including fines, suspensions, or revocation of the school’s license. The DMV provides a form for those complaints, at the Department of Motor Vehicles website.