East Aurora vet sees boom in business after hitting the road


Business is booming for an East Aurora veterinarian who created a unique vet experience, called Fetch the Vet.

Jenni Tudini DVM, MRCVS took her passion to the road back in December, creating the first mobile vet unit like hers, in Western New York. 

She said she can do almost everything inside her large van that other vets can do in normal brick-and-mortar practices. 

“We are fully set up to do in-house diagnostics, full dental procedures, surgeries, x-ray and ultrasound,” she said. 

The only thing Fetch the Vet is not capable of is an overnight stay in the mobile unit. If an animal needs extended hospitalization, Dr. Tudini can refer that pet to another facility.

When you call Fetch the Vet, two people will show up: Dr. Tudini and her vet tech, Leigh Ann Carrasquillo LVT. The two have about 30 years experience, combined. And they’ll treat just about any animal you have. 

“We care from anything like the small little ferries, the guinea pigs, the chinchillas and rabbits, all the way up to the largest of dogs,” she said. 

She said a lot of her customers have mobility issues, or very busy families. Some have several animals, so it’s more convenient for a vet to come to them. Or they have skittish pets. 

Dr. Tudini and Carrasquillo will examine the pets in your home if that’s more comfortable, and then use the mobile unit when necessary. 

And her van isn’t just a transformed RV. It’s a fully-customized vehicle that was built specifically for this reason. As for driving it, Dr. Tudini is still getting used to that. Just make sure to warn her first if you have a narrow driveway, or any low-hanging branches. 

“It’s been a steep learning curve but I feel like we’re getting there, and just learning to take wider turns on the roads,” she laughed. 

Dr. Tudini and Carrasquillo see about four to six pet patients a day, five days a week. For more information, including pricing, click here.

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