ECMC’s S.A.N.E. nurses treat victims of sexual trauma


April is Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, and we’re recognizing sexual assault nurse examiners, also known as S.A.N.E. nurses.

ECMC has a team of S.A.N.E. nurses who are often the first people to treat victims of sexual trauma.

Being a S.A.N.E. nurse means these professionals have extra training, including having an eye for forensics and being supportive of assault victims.

Karen Beckman-Pilcher, a certified S.A.N.E. nurse, says hospitals have come a long way in treating victims, not only for injuries, but also helping them with the judicial process and their mental well-being.

“I have the privilege of being a nurse first, and then I have this extra education that will only enhance and help and improve the outcomes for them, so it’s a privilege to be a nurse first, and it’s a cherry on top to be a S.A.N.E. nurse,” she said.

ECMC first started having S.A.N.E. nurses back in 2002.

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